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02/07/1478 was born in Milk street, London to John Moore who was a lawyer and would become a judge on the king`s bench.

1491 After studying at St. Anthony`s School in Threadneedle street, is placed in the household of John Morton, Lord Chancelor to Henry VII and Archbishop of Canterbury

1492 Enters Oxford for two years of study.

1494 At his father`s insistence goes to Inns of Court to study law.

1496 Admitted to Lincoln`s Inn, Oxford.

1497 Meets Erasmus.

1499 Becomes barrister after completion of his law studies.

1504 Becomes a member of parliament.

1505 After considering the priesthood decides against it and marries Jane Colt, saying he would rather become a good husband than a bad priest.

1509 Elected bencher at Lincoln`s Inn.

1510 Appointed under-sheriff of London.

1511 Jane dies leaving him with four children. He marries Alice Middleton, a widow, a month later.

1515 Sent on a diplomatic mission to Antwerp where he begins writing Utopia.

1516 Utopia is published

1518 Made master of requests and a member of the privy council of Henry VIII

1523 Elected speaker of parliament.

1529 Made Lord Chancellor.

1532 Resigns chancellorship finding he cannot support Henry`s attempts to divorce Catherine and marry Anne Boleyn.

1533 December, forbidden to publish.

1534 April, sent to the Tower for refusing to take the oath of the Act of Succession. While in the Tower writes Dialogue of Comfort Against Tribulation and De Tristitia Christi.

1535 July 1, tried and convicted for treason. July 6, beheaded on Tower Hill.

1935 May, is canonized by Pope Pius XI.

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